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Moving out of Delft!

After a hectic exam period and moved to whole new life, today I sit for writing something new.

As a part of my MSc, I have started working as an intern at Philips Healthcare, Best campus. This internship will take place for 7 months and I am carrying my thesis work here at the same time. As Delft is far away from my office in Best, I had to move into a new apartment in Eindhoven. So, new place, new life, and some new faces. Though I visited Eindhoven earlier, this time, I had to move along with all my belongings. Yes, Eindhoven is vibrant and more alive than Delft but a lack of only one thing, that is natural beauty of Delft. But for me, in a sentence, I really like Eindhoven. Probably, I prefer crowd rather than silence beauty.

However, moving to a new place is a great hassle no doubt. I had to move with my bicycle and a lot of stuff. My exam finished on 28th of January and I moved to Eindhoven on 31st. So, I had to move into my friend’s place first and then looking for my own apartment to rent. Finally, I managed a very nice and cozy home located in the most beautiful place to live in Eindhoven and it is just near the landmark “Evoluon”. The bureaucratic process of changing address and registration is devastating, I must say. But now, I am all set after almost 20 days in my new home.

Let’s talk about my new workplace. The Philips Healthcare in the Best Campus is really huge. You can find almost all the facilities inside the campus. It comprises a number of buildings for different divisions and manufacturing. Few restaurants, coffee houses and playgrounds are there. You can use a gymnasium as well. To travel from one place to another there are always bicycles placed in front of almost all of the buildings. It always seems very pleasant place to walk around if a nice weather is there. Usually, we (me and my colleagues) take a short walk around the campus after the lunch to refresh ourselves.

The work I am doing is in the Interventional X-ray Division of Philips Healthcare and its very intense research work. There are two other student interns are working in the same department but with different projects. We three sit in the same room and always hanging around together. So, far it’s a nice friendly environment and I am enjoying working there. It’s been almost two months since I left Delft. Hope to visit the beautiful Delft soon.



Campus at a Glance

Hi, hope all of doing great. Today, I will talk about the TU campus.

Whoever comes as a student at TU Delft in different programs are belong to different buildings and faculties. When I came to TU for the very first time, I wondered to see a SPACESHIP in the campus!

Oh no! I was wrong! I misunderstood Aula as a Spaceship! This is the place you have to come first in place if you get yourself admitted in TU. The introduction program and all the big programs usually take place in this building. This building has the main auditorium of the university and also some other medium-sized auditoriums for small functional programs and lectures. At the ground floor, there is restaurant and coffee center. You can also find a store in the ground floor where they sell TU t-shirt, pullover, mug, key ring etc.

Though, the campus starts with the Faculty of Architecture building in left when you enter, actually it has several housing facilities over Delft and outside of Delft. After crossing the Architecture building, you will find the building of Education and Student Affairs (ESA) at your right. You can get all the study related supports from here. ESA also provide services for housing, visa, guidance etc. The Career Centre is also located here. The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) is just behind the ESA. I am taking a class in this building, it’s a very modern building with advanced facilities.

When you first come to the TU campus two more buildings will definitely catch your eyes. One is the tallest building, which is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS). Another is the Giga building, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG). It’s a kind of huge cruise ship size long building. The most amazing thing of the EEMCS is its lift. The fastest lift I have ever came across. It will carry you to the top floor (21) in a blink of an eye. Even you feel nervous with the high speed. Between these two buildings, the campus is decorated with green cross section and free zone.

If you move forward along the Mekelweg, you will find the Sports and Cultural Center (S&C) at your right. The last area of the campus includes The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE). It is one of the largest of the eight faculties of TU Delft. However, a new building in the southern part of the TU Delft campus is going to open in 2016. It is under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and it will have the high-tech laboratories, lecture rooms and offices.

I found the most architectural beauty and excellence in the TU Library, which is a state-of-the-art for the campus architecture. It has a cone in its heart and gorgeously storied inside. A lot of space for reading along a large collection of books, articles, and papers in the library. A coffee shop is also lying there. You find the library open in the weekend as well.

The whole campus is an art of magnificence. A true architectural beauty. I am sure that every person likes it. Everything is so organized that provides great support to the students, staff, and faculties. You can get a virtual overview of the campus in this site:

My Courses in TU

Hello, everyone, It’s been a month I wrote my first blog. Last few days I was too busy with exams, projects etc. as all you were. I hope you all already started experiencing (annoying!) winter in Netherlands. The most disgusting thing there is the rain in the winter!

However, today I will talk about my courses at TU Delft. My choice of courses is bit different from others and it includes some interdisciplinary courses. Perhaps you may remember that I am studying a mobility masters program in Digital Media Technology at the TU as my 2nd year of study. This program focuses on enabling technologies for digital media systems, including technologies for analyzing media, generating interactive media, processing and coding, optimizing wired and wireless transfer, and distributing digital 3D contents. I studied my first year in KTH with basic courses on signal processing, computer graphics, visualization etc. An important part of the program are the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) courses. The I&E basics course provided me an introduction to business and management.

In my 2nd year at TU Delft (under the department of Computer science), accommodating the technical specialization, I am learning the techniques for acquiring medical images (CT, MRI), of processing these images, to reconstruct 3D models, and to apply these techniques for medical diagnosis, planning, and operative support. I am also familiarizing with frameworks for medical visualization to build systems for comparative visualization of multimodal data to support visual analysis.

I am taking six courses in these 2 quarters of my study. Two of them are mandatory courses. These are “Medical Visualization (IN4307)” and “Seminar Advanced Digital Image Processing (ET4283)”. The medical Visualization course had an oral exam, carrying 40% of the total marks. I am already done with the exam, but the other 60% with consists of a group project work yet to be submitted. Me and one of my classmate are working with the project and we have to propose a solution of a problem related to medical visualization. We also need to prepare a report (paper), the results (e.g., code) and a presentation at the end of the 2nd quarter. This course had also very intensive lab works consisting assignments in different platforms like MeVis Lab, ImageVis 3D etc. The responsible professor of this course is very helpful and she is really very active in the precise development of the students. Another mandatory course, Seminar Advanced Digital Image Processing has a lot of classes distributing in the first two-quarters. It also has a group project related to image processing. I took image segmentation topic as my project in this course. The final written exam of this course will be held on January 28, 2016. So, I am bit relaxed now of this course.

I choose four other courses in order to complete my credits. One of the courses, “Programming and data science for the 99% (IN4400)” was a whole new experience for me. I never took such courses in my life. It’s a course from edX online and holds the concept of “flipped classroom”. edX is founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, and is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. Literally I didn’t have to do any class rather I had to do a lot of online quizzes and assignments based on video lectures in edX. Although I had to carry one group project and one individual project for this course. The goal of this course is it to help you to overcome data analysis challenges in your work, research or studies.

Another course I have enjoyed most is “Internet of Things seminar (IN4398)”. In this course as well I had to team up with another guy for a paper presentation and an Internet of Things (IoT) project. The project we came up with is really very interesting. We have built a concussion detector in headgear which provides real-time force impact, injury analysis, live statistics of the sports such as boxing and future data analysis tool. We also have developed a business model with value propositions for sportsman/player, sports club/team, physicians, parents as our customer segments and we proposed a unique revenue stream. In this course, 9 different groups have developed 9 different IoT projects.

To mitigate my thirst of interest in business world I am taking “Corporate Entrepreneurship (MOT9556)” course which involves the following three grading criterion:

  1. Group assignment: Written assignment and presentation of an analyzes of a case based on the literature discussion, which will account for 20% of the final grade.
  2. Individual assignment: at two occasions, I have to reflect on a case presented by another group, which will account for 20% of the final grade.
  3. The written final essay that analyzes a corporate venturing program in a multinational and reflect my findings upon the theory discussed in class. This will account for the remaining 60% of the final grade.

The last but not the least is “Seminar Computer Graphics (IN4310)” course which is really very important for my upcoming thesis work. In this course that I just have started actually doing the literature review for my thesis.

In a nutshell, I would say, the courses in TU are very intensive and it’s really very difficult to find any course without project work. You have to spend a lot of time to learn deeply. But it’s not very difficult to carry 5/6 courses at a time if you set your plan quarterly before you start. I had to discuss with my seniors from last year to prepare my course plan and I believe I can finish all of my courses successfully.

New me & Netherlands…

“Bike” & “Rain”- the two most vibrant things you get to experience extensively when you put your first step in Netherlands. I was mentally terrified by the rainy and windy weather even before I was landed to Netherlands. I was contracted by a lot of comments on the pester weather of this country from different people who lives there.

But things became to change once I learned how to adapt and play with rain! Yap, here is the trick that works for me. A number of handy weather forecasting apps are available that can provide you real-time alarm on upcoming rain and most important thing here is that the rain won’t last for long. You can always manage a window to travel a distance of 15/20 minutes. So, when you are new here and upon your first arrival if you can find yourself comfortable with “Bike” & “Rain” then you will start loving Netherlands right away.

A lot, lot of things going around in this land of beauty that a newcomer could find very interesting. But before start telling all of my experiences so far, first I would like to introduce myself in this blog.

Currently, I am in my second year of the MSc (in Digital Media Technology and Entrepreneurship & Innovation) programme at TU Delft under EIT Digital Master School. I have accomplished my first year study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. To mold my career with the knowledge of engineering, I realized that my technical talent can be pertinently utilized in the corporate challenge as well if I can admit myself in a world class facility. TU Delft’s customary assessed study that I am receiving under will be the most rational expansion of my vision to evolve my career. Moreover, the opportunity of ‘being global’ would definitely aid me to acquire and share the knowledge of the diversified environment.

I had my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT-OIC), Bangladesh where students from 17 different countries are studying. So, I have had the opportunity of mingling with different cultures and tastes since my bachelor. But born and brought-up in a South-Asian developing country and direct to a whole new Europe was a trickling experience for me, I say. A lot of great things I explored, I adopt, I enjoyed and finally I learned to survive.

I am always keen to meet new people, visit new places and finding new idea/scope. I am concrete, rational, structured and businesslike. Apart from everything, I am a passionate photographer. I like capturing the moment I feel live and I am dourly devoted to street photography. Another most important thing about me is – “I am a Total Car Freak”!

I have shared a bit of me, but I would love to share more of me with you people. In my next blog, I will talk some of my experiences in Netherlands and especially in TU Delft.

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